What kind of materials do you use? 

All products are crafted from high quality materials with a focus on natural fibers (i.e., silk, linen, cotton, etc.) The silk used for the cushions is deadstock silk satin. bought from a fellow textile artist. 

Do you make the Marbled fabric for the Sleepytime Tees?

No, the marbled fabric was made by the late Austin artist Cosette Russell. More of her work and textiles can be found on her website

How is the silk painted?

The silk is stretched on a frame and painted with H. Dupont Dyed. Following painting, each piece is carefully wrapped and steamed for 3 hours. The pieces are washed thoroughly by hand and air dried. Sometimes if necessary, they will be reworked with Dye-Na-Flow Dyes which are heat set. Each Cushion is approximately a three day process.

Do the cushions come stuffed?

Unless specified otherwise, all cushions are sold as covers only that fit standard cushion sizes. The cushion insert size needed will be detailed in the product description. Stuffed cushions are filled using recycled polyester.

How do I take care of my cushion?

Before the silk is sewn into the cushion, they are sewn to a cotton backing to increase their durability and longevity. Each cushion has a zipper at the back so that the cushion insert can be removed. Cushion covers can be washed in cold water by hand or on a gentle cold machine cycle. Once washed, hang up to dry.

How do I take care of my Sleepytime Tee?

Silk is durable and breathable, it can be worn multiple times before washing. To wash it can be washed by hand in cold water with a gentle detergent, or washed on a delicate cycle in the machine. Hang up to dry and iron on a silk setting. 

How do I take care of my XL Tote?

I can say that I use my XL tote every day and have been for years. The XL totes are made from 100% Cotton woven blankets and can be machine washed and dried.

Can I order a custom cushion?

Mady Berry Makes is open for custom requests, she can paint anything on silk from your favourite scene to your beloved pet. This process begins by reaching out to Mady, she will discuss your commission with you directly, laying out the timeline, price and contact points. When working on a commission Mady will send you the painted design for approval and send photos of the piece in various stages of production to get your approval. Since it is a handmade product and due to the nature of the medium there are always irregularities which can occur during the steaming process - she will keep you informed along the way. The customer will receive their  commissioned object and the original watercolour sketch with their order.