Psychedelic Horse Cushion Cover


The first cushion cover I designed in this collection, I was interested in subverting traditional decorative animal portraiture and combining it with bold prints. This black and white horse sits nestled in a scene with vibrant grass and a violet sky. It is surrounded by Wavy black and white lines and framed by a large black ruffle.

This Cushion Cover fits an 18x18" Cushion insert
100% Silk Satin, Hand painted with Dye, Backed with a plain weave Rayon and Linen blend Fabric. It is Framed with a large Silk and Poly blend Ruffle.

As with any hand painted and hand done process, especially with one as fluid as dye on silk, there are irregularities that occur in the making process such as creasing and bleeding, but it is all part of their charm.

Each Hand Painted Silk cushion is one of a kind painted on deadstock silk satin in my London studio. Each is approached as an independent art piece. No two cushions are the same, when buying one you are getting a completely individual piece of art - just one that is extra soft, squishy and functional.